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How to Manufacture Synthetic Tropinone Derivatives (How To Make Synthetic Cocaine) by Rellik Supotco

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Policy Alternatives: The intention of this book was to permit other countries, possibly, to battle drug addiction problems without enhancing the profits of South American drug lords. Drug trafficking can be viewed as a form of economic terrorism as it can drain a country of its resources and currency. Producing within your own country can circumvent these economic problems.

FENTANYL OVERDOSES: Your government does not want you to know the following information. Cocaine is the antidote for all opiate poisoning including fentanyl and carfentanyl. Nalaxone/Narcan is merely a cocaine analogue but not the only antidote. Cocaine acts as an antagonist against all opiates.

This valuable e-book contains almost 200 pages of information on organic cocaine and synthetic cocaine. This book tells you where to get all of the ingredients and what to do with them. It also contains a section on crack cocaine and super cocaine (a synthetic cocaine that is 40 times stronger). This book contains highly sensitive information that is extremely valuable. It also includes my own research on this topic. If you want to know "how to" then get the Synthetic Cocaine Book.
synthetic cocaine
NOTE: This book is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used in the illicit manufacture of drugs. This book does not depict anyone in the process of manufacturing illicit drugs. You are not permitted to re-distribute the username and password or make photocopies or other facsimiles of the book. This is a web browser based e-book. You just need internet access and a web browser to read.

Section on "Hill Billy" Coke How to make synthetic cocaine using over the counter materials How to make Super Cocaine (40 times stronger) How to cut cocaine using different ingredients
Sir Robert Robinson Sir Robert Robinson (1886-1975) 1947 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He established the Tropinone Synthesis (an extremely simple in-situ approach using succindialdehyde). Richard Martin Willstatter Richard Martin Willstatter (1872-1942) 1915 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He was the first to synthesize cocaine using atropine as the starting material.
How To Make Crack Cocaine (different methods) How To Kick Cocaine Over 150 pages of technical information Contains over 100 years of research including the works of Willstatter, Robinson and other new researchers
Get Instant Access to this valuable e-Book NOW!!! This information may not be available in the future due to legal reasons Includes a section on chemical suppliers Contains information that is worth millions. This book is NOT SOLD ANYWHERE ELSE in the world.
WARNING: Cocaine may be habit forming

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Learn how to cut cocaine, how to make crack cocaine and make synthetic cocaine from ingredients that are not coca leaves. This is a real book with the most extensive cocaine knowledge available anywhere.

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